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January 29, 2001


Personally, I had a very sickening feeling in my stomach, when I saw the picture of Arwen... with a cut on her face, and with a SWORD in her hand... This is something, which completely goes against what Arwen was like. Why in the world would an Elven Princess be riding out, when 9 Nazgul are roaming around? Moreover, why in the world would she be carrying a sword? (remember, that even Luthien, when she went to find Beren, never took or used a sword). I mean...if they decided to cut Glorfindel, any regular elven soldier showing up, would make more sense (hell, even Bilbo showing up, would probably make more sense).

Now, I understand that this is just an adaptation of the Lord of the Rings, and that some things have to be changed....But this is not the same as them cutting out Tom Bombadil, it is as if they are going out of their way to mess up the movie...And it will be especially a shame if it messes up a movie, when the rest of the things are good....

Now, I know, some will say "well maybe Arwen just decided to defy her father, and go find her sweetheart, and no wonder she brings a sword if the Nazgul are roaming around"... First of all, such foolish behavior, would be expected of someone like Eowyn, but not Arwen. Arwen was a gentle elven maiden (probably one of the gentlest in history), and I don't think she would ever even hold a sword....furthermore, she was probably far too reasonable, to do something foolish like that... Eowyn, on the other hand, was not really all that reasonable or gentle, until she met Faramir.