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January 30, 2001

Of the Issues of Arwen and Bombadil

As many of us know, Tolkien's work has in its duration captured and inspired the hearts and imaginations of many. I for one was very excited at the mere proposition of a live action LoTR movie. Peter Jackson has read and loved these books as have we, and I am sure that if it were fully possible, he would not be cutting Bombadil from the story.

Take for instance, Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton. For anyone who has read the book, I cannot even begin to describe how many details and major events were left out. Tolkien's work is infinitesmally more detailed and complex, containing races, histories, and the details of an entire world to an unfamiliar audience. There is no way Jackson could possibly include absolutely every single thing in the trilogy, even if he made 6 movies instead of 3.

I'm sure it would make all of us even more irate were he to have, for instance kept Bombadil in, but: left Boromir alive, have Sauron come out on the battlefield, make Gandalf defeat the Balrog and continue with the company...

I personally would love to see Bombadil included. He is wonderful and essential to the story in many ways. However, if there was one thing I was to cut for the sake of making everything else more accurate, I would have to agree with Jackson's decision.

As to Arwen, there are interviews on the official page. Jackson doesn't intend to combine Eowyn into Arwen's role, or to include her in the fellowship. It seems he just wants the audience to get a better understanding of her character in relation to Aragorn. Look on the website for more.

However, if this rumor about Glorfindel being cut is true, I really don't see any possible rationalization for that. He would only be on screen for a couple minutes maximum.

Anyhow, just wanted to say my bit in hopes that we would stop fretting over Bombadil and Arwen. Ultimately it is Jackson's movie, and Jackson will do what he will. I am ecstatic that this movie is even being made, even if there are a few small changes.

Any feedback,