The LOTR Movie Site
February 2, 2001

On the Role of Glorfindel
Matthew Adam J.

When I first heard Glorfindel was likely cut from the story for these films, I felt a terrible disappointment. Yet, as time has gone on, and as I have observed fans' responses to info and images from these films, I believe it may have been a wise decision by Jackson. Upon seeing Galadriel in the teaser, some fans expressed concern that the elves would not be portrayed "magically" enough. Portraying Tolkien's elves properly is perhaps the greatet challenge Jackson faces, and including Glorfindel's scene at the ford in which he reveals his true "glory" may be well beyond the abilities of any filmmaker/studio. Certainly how such a scene is done will generate plenty of controversy. So, I say that if Glorfindel has been cut, or trimmed-down, for the movies, we should view it as an act of humility by Jackson and rspect for those sacred aspects of Tolkien's book that should be left for the mind only.