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February 2, 2001

Arwen... Who Else?

I just cannot believe what I see and read. The word dissapoitment is too weak to expres my feeling. Although there is a little spark of hope on the bottom of my soul that "maybe" it is all fake that they just want us to talk about it more and finally there will not be Arwen with sword or machinegun (for me it is not a difference any more). Unfortunately, the certainty that the one ring has not been destroyed and Sauron moved to New Zeland and do his very best to spoil one of the greatest masterpieces (do not be surprised if I were Sauron I would NOT be ... content with the end of LOTR too) creeps all over my body. Hollywood showed us its own face again, it is all about money and nothing else. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY MR TOLKIEN DID NOT WANT MOVIE OUT OF LOTR..he knew )-___-( All I can see right now is that there really cannot be
a movie better than BOOK ..and I am happy for that and you know what? I am
going to read LOTR .... again (-__-)