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February 4, 2001

Am I the Only One Who Supports This Movie?

I read the various articles, I begin to wonder if I happen to be the sole and only person in this world who is actually looking forward to these movies with unbiased and unjudgemental anticipation.

To John K and Medved: In reality, we know absolutely nothing about Arwen; the assumption that she is 'gentle' because she is a relatively calm elven maiden is, in my idea, false; Luthien was a calm elven maiden and yet she followed Beren into (essentially) hell. We never EVER see Galadriel lose her temper, yet she is the Power of the Golden Wood. We know nothing about what was happening in Rivendell whilst the Nine were running around saving the world; Arwen might *well* have been fighting there! It was under siege, remember?

As to Bombadil, I agree with many that he is a wonderful character. Even if he was thrown in to make JRRT's daughter happy as someone (sorry, cannot remember who) alleged, he's still a fun character to muse about, and say 'what if' for hours on end. However, I truly and strongly believe he would NOT work on camera; honestly, if you saw a oldish man in yellow boots dancing around the woods what would you think? I would believe that he'd had a little too much of some recreational substance and would call the authorities.

Granted, the book describes him as having an aura of power. How, precisely, would one put that on screen? A glowing 'aura'? That would look cheesy.

I have rejoiced with every picture and every bit of news that has come out of this, and await the movies with unalloyed happiness. It often seems as if I am the only one. . . .