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February 5, 2001

Arwen with Sword?
Mise mi Fein

First of all, let me say that I am  tremendous fan of Tolkien, and have the highest respect for those who want these movies to be identical to the books in terms of what they contain. Not exactly my view, though very close to it.

I want to respond to the "Arwen" articles posted earlier. Let me say that I find Arwen replacing Glorfindle as irritating as you do. The thing in her hand looked more like a bow to me, which, though not great, bugs me a lot less than a sword would.

The problem with Arwen is that if you don't make her a more active (not sure that's the right word) character, then most of the non-readers who come to the movie will end up wondering just who this person is. They would have trouble realizing that despite being possibly the gentlest creature on the planet, she is very powerful. She would seem like a "do nothing" princess to a lot of people, and they would end up wondering just who the hell this girl is that's marrying Aragorn. People are ignorant. WE would still get it, and probobly like it a lot better, but I think that most people need something more obvious than that to really enjoy the character. That said, if they have Arwen killing any Nazgul, I'm gonna be seriously pissed.