The LOTR Movie Site
February 6, 2001

All This Trimming and Cutting
Dave C.

I regularly check this site for updates on the movies and for new trailers. I can understand in some cases why characters have been/ might be trimmed down, mainly because it would be nearly impossible to portray how it is written in the book i.e. Glorfindel. However, I think that replacing characters would ruin the film. If Arwen arrived at the Ford instead of Glorfindel it would make that particular scene seem out of place with the rest of the film if that followed the book too. I realize there is a lot of information to try and compress into a reasonable length movie, but surely the latest CGI should be able to deliver a very impressive portrayal of certain scenes from the books. I might be wrong with this line of reasoning, but I don't very often speak my mind on the net and if you disagree with me, I understand.