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February 7, 2001

Katerina & Byron

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future..." That's what Galandriel said in the movie teaser. We will follow her advise and will NOT see the movie hoping that others likeminded, who deeply respect Tolkien's work of life, will do the same. How can one witness the sacrilege of an already perfect and theatrical work of art becoming unperfect for the shake of "Hollywood tradition". We would much rather prefer a cheap production that fully follows and respects the writings of Tolkien than this special-effect macho movie that embezzles the name:"The Lord of the Rings".

How about us and million others who have read the books seven times/year for the past 12 years! Don't you think that the producers should at least respect this large number of devoted readers as well. Maybe they should read first the books as many times as this before trying to make the movie(not like the script writer who brags around saying she has read them several(7!) times?? If it turns out to be a fiasco maybe they'll understand... Tolkien's spirit will NEVER rest in peace...