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February 9, 2001

Re: Trilogy?
Alex B.

My Oxford dictionary defines a Trilogy as:"a group of three related novels, plays, opera's etc.". Laura's definition states that the works must be different. I'm not sure what she means by "different" but, the essense of a trilogy is that it is a continuation of any of the: themes, story, characters, or setting, of the original book. Furthermore, the parts of a trilogy need not be independent of one another (imagine watching Return of the Jedi without seeing the other two first). Also the fact that LOTR is also sold in a one book edition, still qualifies it as a trilogy because the book is still seperated into three seperate novels. The LOTR movie trilogy will follow the plot of the book, which makes it important to see all three movies in sequence. Lastly, if you want to refer to something as a trilogy, or three conected "parts", it's up to you, as there is no difference between the two terms. If anyone still agrees with Laura's argument, could they please inform George Lucas and tell him  to quit writing "Trilogy" on my Star Wars box sets.