The LOTR Movie Site
February 9, 2001

Answer to Angry Fans
Jean-Michel M.

I'd like to answer both to Katerina & Byron ("Sacrilege!!!", 02/07/2001) and to Laura ("A Trilogy?", 02/06/2001).

First I see this trilogy much more as a film divided in three parts than a true trilogy. I got an edition which is divided in 6 parts, and it is clear that when Tolkien wrote his book he knew it could be easily splited in several volumes.

Then, I was disappointed by Katerina & Byron reaction. Not only boycotting the movie won't help much, but how can a couple of hysterical fans decree it's a "special-effect macho movie" without having even WATCHED it?? I'm *quite* confident in P.J, as anyone who watched his interviews on the official site.

Keep three things in mind : first, Tolkien work is unique. Second, this film is an interesting experiment of how people (P.J & co.) see LOTR. Third, NEVER criticize (much) before watching.