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February 9, 2001

It Ain't Like the Book
Carl K.

On Arwen: I too will be disappointed if the role of Arwen is expanded to resemble that of (Theoden's daughter - I don't have the text here at work), as it was her despair at being spurned by Aragorn that brought her to Gondor and destiny with the Lord of the Nazgul.

However, I would be even more disappointed if, after waiting for twenty-five years for a capable filmaker to take on this project, it could not reach the screen because someone refused to Hollywood-up the characters a little. I want to see Gandalf, Aragorn, the Battle of the Gladden fields,and if that means Arwen Shieldmaiden, so be it.

On Glorfindel: his function in the story is to bring to us and to Hobbits "an elf lord in his glory" (quote may be inaccurate), which concept is new to ordinary folk of Middle Earth and to readers not aware of The Silmarillion.