The LOTR Movie Site
February 10, 2001

To Katrina and Byron

I would like to reply to your very strange article talking about how the Lord of the Rings movie will slaughter Tolkiens work. I believe that this israther 1 sided of you, considering that you have not seen any of the movie, aside from a one minute trailer.

I also find it interesting that you believe that hollywood is going to make Tolkien spinin his grave. You fail to realize that these scriptwriters and crew have done academy award winning films, like Amedeus,one of my favorite movies. You also fail to realize that you can have a high budget film and a good script. If you remember, Bakshis 70's film was quite possibly the worst film I have seen, being the cheapest special effects and script that has ever come out of hollywood. As you can see, you can have a high budget film and a good script, which the new movie will hopefully be.

PS: Just for your information, It's not like we are talking about the bible here, it is a book, and that is all.