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February 10, 2001

Reply to Katrina and Byron

I cannot believe what I am reading. People are actually NOT going to see this movie because someone has not remained true to the letter of Tolkein's works?!! People, you need to get a life. I, too, have read LOTR almost every year since I was 12.(I am 34 now) and agree that Professsor Tolkein's work is a masterpiece. However, so was Shakespeare's. How many treatments have his works received over the years?? The Bible?? How many movies have been based upon that? Does it ruin Christianity? Has it taken anything from the original source at all?? I dare say not. Why make such a big deal about the departures from the books? Folks, it's time to get a reality check. This movie is being done to make a money. I do think Peter Jackson wants to produce a faithful version, bit in the end he is at the mercy of the financiers. Instead of dwelling on the "travesty" this movie will be (doubtful, we need to look at the millions of people who would have never been exposed to the genre, that will read the book as a result, and perpetuate what we who have read the works already know. The place these works hold in my heart will never be affected by the movie, good or bad. I would like to think the same would hold true for others.