The LOTR Movie Site
February 10, 2001

In Response to Katrina and Byron
Richard L.

Katerina & Byron starts their rant with "Sacrilege!!!" Melodramatic, to say the least. My response would be: Poop! I have only read the book a lousy 3 times or so and can proudly say that I donīt know the name of the "cousin to the dwarf who forged the spear" or some other blinding fact like that. It seems to me that if you two ever got to visit middle-earth for real, you would run around screaming at people for not being faithful to the sacred scroll. So lets go through this one more time, shall we? -A movie does not undo a book or vice versa. It will simply be the directors version of the book. If you donīt like it, fine, the book will still be there. It will still be untouched! Do you really mean to propose that your vision is so superior to Peter īs, that heīs not allowed to share his with the rest of the world? Or do you mean to tell me that youīre incapable of recognizing the difference between books and movies as separate media? I love Tolkienīs work, but I have a hunch I will love the movies as well.