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February 11, 2001

Arwen, Arwen, Arwen! Why is Everything About Arwen?
Ruby G.

AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! Listen, I'm sure Liv Tyler's a great lady and all, but this is just not right! What's up with Arwen suddenly having 50 billion things to do in the movie. In the books all she did was meet the travellers at the Last Homely House and become Queen of Gondor. Now she's fighting a battle? Does this mean they're taking out the twins (Elrohir and Ellendar)? And Glorfindel no longer meets them at the Ford? What's up with P.J.! It's bad enough taking out Bombadil and Maggot, but if he's going to take so many parts away, why does he have to make Arwen's so much bigger?! I'm sorry, but that's not right. I'm sure, our poor Eowyn's a big disappointed.

Well, I think i'm done. Just need to get some steam out.