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February 13, 2001

The Last of the Mohicans
Katrina & Byron

After reading many replies, we are sad to realise that nobody actually understood what we were talking about. We only asked (better hoped)for a litle more respect from the film makers.Of course there is a difference between a book and a movie! A movie can never touch the sensation of reading Tolkien's work. Every different person that reads Tolkien, can interprete it's whole idea differently (no doubt about that) but has no right to alter any of the facts in the books (unless we are talking about a different book!!).

A good idea would be to include in the titles of the movie: "Based on..." For instance(as a responce to someone who mentioned the Bible) imagine Virgin Mary fighting the Romans(!) , or Romeo killing Juliet because he caught her cheating on him. How would you then feel if P.J. had this concept of these books and desides to make a movie of them!? Maybe Mel Brooks has a right to do something like that(he is actually going to...).

We sure know that everything is about money .Maybe Aragorn's one night stands would sell even more!!! In addition to this we have a right to CHOOSE what we see. We have seen and read enough already, to deside if we will respect Tolkien himself, or betray all the things that his work stands for.

Why do you thing Christopher Tolkien had nothing to do with this movie? He is after all his father's greatest fan... Hasn't it ever occured to you that they are using all of us just to make profit?

We are not hysterical.

Maybe just some of the very few who would really like to live in that noble era...