The LOTR Movie Site
February 13, 2001

Trilogy and Moaning
Owe P.

Harumph...I read the books when I was eightish or nineish and seem to recall having to buy three books to complete the series. Hence LOTR is called a trilogy. I didnt have to buy 6 books, so what are you mopers on when you whinhge about it.Sit back, have a cup of tea and a smoke, wqtch the trees as the comlplete their endless cycle, then come winter time when the leaves are shed and the forests are naked, go see the movie. If you like it, cool, if not, then you can still enjoy the book cant you? Whine whine whine , thas all folk do these days, but not this brother, who shall enjoy my miserable little life, and look avisly forward for what I feverently believe will be the mother of all movies.