The LOTR Movie Site
February 17, 2001

The Discussion Board Circles Around One Question

Some of you out there are acting as if this movies are a heretic crime against Tolkienīs heritage. You are talking about not wanting to see this movie, because everything you saw disappointed you and felt wrong and unworthy - yet you take the time to post on this board and even ask other fans to follow your (glorious?) example.

You call up the spirit of that "noble era" but still have so narrow a mind that you refuse something you have not even witnessed. In Middle Earth, there is a rather sharp line between good and evil. In real life, itīs different.

You condemn PJīs movie because he cut Tom Bombadil, because he cut Glorfindel. To speak honestly, I would have cot them both, although I really like them. They just wouldnīt fit.

Still, I would not stop making this movie, for I myself would love to see this movie, and part the joy of watching it with anyone in the world!

Last but not least, all of you surely have seen single pictures on book covers, ore illustrations of places, people or scenes from the books.
And surely, you saw them and thought "hey, thatīs beautiful". Yet they were often not made by Tolkien himself. They did not portrait Tolkiens imagination. They were (read my lips)interpretations.

Still, they enriched our imagination rather than limiting it. Looking at something from another point of view often shows you more details, in the end.

Just my two cents.