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February 17, 2001

Yes, 6 Volumes!
Cicily T.

Sorry to spoil your party there, Owe P., but I am 37 and I remember reading the books when I was in grade 4; and lo and behold there were six smaller individual volumes. I still have those six volumes. It wasn't until much later that the books were combined into two books per one volume, making them three volumes instead of six. If you really have a burning desire to find out why the volumes have changed over the years; you might want to write to Allen & Unwin the Publishers of Lord of the Rings.

For the most part, books are often redesigned, rejacketted to keep people buying them. How many different looks has any of Shakespeare's titles undergone...too many to count! As for Katrina & Byron, I wasn't aware that Aragorn was going to be having alot of one-night-stands in the movie. Where on earth did you hear this information? I realize that the movie cannot be all things to all people; but I have decided to see the film anyway. My only "beef" was with Liv Tyler's(Arwen) "juiced-up" role, but who is to say that maybe alot of the "add-in" and "fillers" won't end up on the cutting room floor; especially after PJ has had time to reflect on the film and the books we all know and love.