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February 18, 2001

A Better Choice for Elrond
Michael M.

First of all, I must acknowledge a bit of bias...

I am a filmmaker by trade and for as long I as I can remember I dreamed of producing a live action version of LOTR. I spent a great deal of time pondering everything from casting choices to locations (perhaps Ireland for the Shire?) to costuming. Aside from being deeply depressed (but not the least surprized) by the fact that someone else beat me to it, there is one casting choice that absolutely floored me.

In my dream film the part of Elrond was a no brainer. There is one man who was BORN to play the part: David Bowie.

Bowie's facial features and tall lanky build are as elvin as they come. He could probably play the part without makeup!

Then again, that's just MY opinion...

Comments, Anyone?