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February 19, 2001

The Arwen Thing
Ray MacL.

Leave the Arwen thing alone! You're talking about a character in a movie, not the character in the book. Context is everything! If the movie goes with the book Arwen, she must be viewed from Tolkien's perspective: the last sad union of High Elf and Man, tied to the fate of the world and doomed by it. She and Aragorn are linear descendents of Luthien-Beren and Elwing-Earendil. Remember Aragorn's description of the first time he saw her in the Spring woods of Rivendell. As such she is doomed. She loses no matter who wins The War of the Ring. This is, of course, the Sadness of the Elves that is a major theme in both The Silmarillion and LOTR. If this was played to its full power in the movie, the ending would be downbeat and the accomplishments if the hobbits overshadowed. I'm willing to bet that doesn't happen. I'm also willing to bet the "sadness of the elves" isn't transferred to Frodo at movie trilogy end to the degree that I read it in LOTR. Thoughts, anyone?