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February 23, 2001

The Death of Theoden
Brad G.

Is there a more moving scene in the trilogy than the death of Theoden? I don't think so. All the hope that is inspired in the reader by the Ride of the Rohirrim to the Pelennor Fields and the felling of the Black Serpent is suddenly torn from him by the dart in Snowmane's side. One wants nothing but good for this humble, good-hearted old man whom Merry had grown to love so much. Even as he lay dying, did Theoden despair like Denethor? No! He apologized to Merry for not getting to learn his herb-lore, and said good by to Eowyn-dearer than daughter. What makes the scene harder to bear is that Eowyn lies near death beside him, and he doesn't even know. No matter how many times I read the LOTR I am no less saddened than the first time I endured it. I hope that in the upcoming movies, this wonderful and terrible event is done proper justice.