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February 24, 2001

Re: The Lord of the Fakes

Thomas S., forgive me for saying so, but your article is one of the most ridiculously daft and presumtive statements I have ever read.

Why are you dissin' on the cast of characters? i admit liv tyler wasnt the best possible choice for arwen, but do you seirously believe that you could have put together a better cast, and made it work?

And why do you say that everyone who appreciates the movie is not a true fan? Have you even seen the movie yet? And why does it make me less of a fan if i like the movie? I applaud Jackson for even trying to produce such a movie, and if there are some discrepancies, I think i'll be able to overlook them for the most part. I am not happy with bombadil and the downs being cut, but it would have been difficult to portray such things on screen.

And why are you so adamantly in opposition of Arwen expanding a bit? Do you know that she is going to be"jumping off the horse destroyng thousands of orcs with a foot on the ground and the other kicking orcs." or "Will Arwen kill the Master of Nazgul with a mighty laser gunshot?". Why do you say such things? we dont even know how her role will play out, and what she will actually do. And the whole thing with it being hi-tech is just dumb, im sorry, but that is just unnecessary exageration. I think you are being unreasonably foolish about these movies, without giving them a chance. All you have seen is some pics and read a couple reports from actors and such.

And one last thing, with the music. Why would they have heavy metal in the sound-track? maybe something a bit loud or whatever for a pimpadelic fight scene, but other than that i dont think it would be proper. What's wrong with "folk musicians"?? Are they not the type of musicians that would have been around in that time period? I would rather have something that sounded appropriate for the time and setting, than music that i would be listening to in my room.

But then again, maybe im just weird, and you are the all-knowing. I dunno...