The LOTR Movie Site
February 26, 2001

What Bothers Me...
Ben S.

I have been silently and uncomplainingly (mostly) following the the LOTR production almost since this site came into being. I am a little worried at some of the problems that have surfaced (Tom Bombadil cuts, Arwen, Elrond with long hair <ugh>) but I know this movie, however badly done, will not mar the books. THEY will never change. However, there is one thing that SERIOUSLY bothers me: The cast of people who have never even read Tolkien's work!

Again and again I have seen this; Elijah or Liv saying "Uh, I started reading the LOTR and it is great..." I mean, how many thousands of RTFs would PAY to be in this movie? I there is one thing that kills a movie it is poor casting choices (my name is Anikin and I'm a 5 year old dweeb!) and conversely, good acting can save a movie (Liam Nesson is the only reason I watch Episode 1). If PJ (btw the way is it just me or is that guy WIERD) had just asked, he could have got dedicated, enthusiastic people for all parts.

One more thing. Why did he (PJ) have to pick John Howe to do concept work? His interpration of Middle Earth is far removed from mine...Ted Nasmith is much closer. Howe's work, though stunning, is too dark and evil-feeling for Tolkien. I mean, if you want dark and evil, read "The Sword of Shannara" or something. Not Tolkien.

That's about all I have to say for final thought though. PJ's biggest miskake was not getting John Williams for the soundtrack.

There's my opinion (the right one ;))