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March 1, 2001

The Weird Nerd Answers
Thomas S.

I think you are too superficials about this 'movie'. This is an American macho way to see Tolkien, only to make money. For the stupid mass it doesn't matter if a character is cutted or the setting of the movie is completely different from the book, they just want to see an action-movie Mission Impossible-like.

Ah, do you think that Blind Guardian don't fit with this movie? Why? I think that the battle of Pelennor with the 'I'm Alive' song should be perfect...
Do you think that Jackson is making this movie for his passion for Tolkien? No, he's doing it only for the money!!!

And the master-J.R.R.Tolkien-, if he could see the disaster they are doing, he surely kill everybody on the set. If for you it's enough a thing like this movie, if you think that it's good, these are your problems. But my love and my passion for this book and this author makes me disgust about all this. Greetings by me and by my beautiful girlfriend. Bye-bye!