The LOTR Movie Site
March 5, 2001

Many Thanks to Some Fans

How good it feels to know that there is still a few nobility left in this world! To my great joy I've read many articles(from Thomas S./ Tom K./ G.F./Mark C. etc.) which speak only the truth.

The costumes of this movie surely differ from what Tolkien had described in his books. The casting is leniently disgusting and unsuitable. The music...hmmm...(I love Blind Guardian and, most of all, Summoning) far as the script is concerned, I have only one thing to say...GOD MERCY!!!

Tolkien himself never wanted a movie out of his books. He feared for his work of life... Unfortunately, his fear came true. Personally I'm trembling and shaking...Evil spirits take form once more...(and want to make movies!!)
Concluding, I would like to thank especially Thomas S. for his articles which had given me strength to support wholehearted and more passionate my opinion in this forum.