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March 16, 2001

Just Have to Wait and See

As for these movies, I have been looking forward to them, although I have read a great deal of negative feedback here in some essays. I am not an involved follower of the development of these films, but I am somewhat of a "purist" as they call it. Today's movie-going generation do not, as has been remarked in this forum, want a well-done, solemn, and gravely told legend brought to them. Many do not care for heroes of justice and valour - rather for action packed explosions and cheesy romance. I will probably go see the first movie, indeed almost definately, but Peter had better do a good job of it, or else he is guilty of a great crime against Tolkien and all his readers. Tolkien has created a masterpiece, and I often envisioned it as a movie as I read it - what an incredible movie it could be, eh guys? Not too many people left my age (teenage) who appreciate the values of our ancestors of old. But what a flop it could be, too. I only saw the trailer today, and I must say, although parts of it look

Hopefully, future trailers will improve. And very hopefully, PJ will do a fantastic job of the movie! After all, he is taking one of the greatest literary works of all time here - the hard part is done for him! Anyway, I'm finished now. I'm just saying, I'm fully expecting the movies to be good, or bad, and I'll just have to go see them to find out.