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March 29, 2001

Nazgūl Can Fear
Nicolas M.

Not to discredit anything you were saying previously I would just like to put in my two pence worth. The Nazgul I do believe retreated from Weathertop with some caution. They did not expect any resistance from what they had naturally expected to be bucolic peasants and short ones at that. What they got was a Hobbit that was able to call out the name of the Star Queen of old and also the descendant of Isildur who forced them back with fire. The Nazgul would not have necessarily been able to gauge who or what Aragorn was and therefore that far from the land of darkness it would have been wiser for them to pull back. They were also not all there in force and in their strongest shapes. The reasons for why they were not all there is outlined in one of Chris Tolkien's note collections and is well worth the read. The Nazgul were capable of fear and prudence.