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April 3, 2001

You're Taking the Micky, Right?
John M.

I have just read the rumour about re-naming the Orcs to Hollywood names. This is a joke right? I have no problems with a book being interpreted into a film, but some care has to be made to ensure the film draws the viewer into the fantasy. I swear that if I hear the name Travolta mentioned on the soundtrack, the contemporary reference will destroy my bond with the story. I will be no more than a person sat in a cinema watching a film. Since I am from the UK, I managed to get past the Southern Electricity generator I spotted by the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars - A New Hope. I have never had a problem with the Star Wars films.

Maybe it's only a rumour. Maybe I'm just over reacting. Maybe for the first time I'm apprehensive about seeing the film.

PS. Has the idea of adding video footage to the films to make a Truer to book 26 hour series for world release been taken up yet?