April 18, 2001

Casting Could Be a Lot Worse

Arwen is the only one that has really caused people heartache it seems. Personally I am anxious about this Elijah Wood character especially if he really hasn't read the book. And I don't know the actors playing Sam or Aragorn, but that is a worry too. I am surprised that since Sean Bean is in the cast, it isn't as Aragorn. He's a tall lanky weatherbeaten  fella, and he might have done quite well. On the other hand I think it is quite a good role to have an unknown actor in. Certainly a lot better than sticking Brad Pitt in there! Cate I think will be perfect for Galadriel, and Ian Mckellan I am also confident of. Christopher Lee is a brilliant actor with a great voice, but the name on my wish list would have been Alan Rickman. I am surprised he hasn't been cast somewhere in this film. Also surpised not to see Ewan McGregor somewhere. He has potential to exude an elvish air. In fact, L. Di Caprio is a good actor with a elfish face. And he could have been a not disastrous concession to the Hollywood.