April 19, 2001

Elijah Wood 'Research'
Trudy S.

In response to part of Elinor's essay--I've posted the results of my ongoing "Elijah Wood research" on a couple of the message boards, but can add them here, too.

Before he was cast as Frodo, I'd seen Elijah Wood only in "The Adventures of Huck Finn," when he was about 10 years old. I noticed two things about him then: he could show incredibly nuanced emotions for an actor that age, and (except for not having curly hair) he was the spitting image of how I'd always pictured Frodo around the time his parents died. He still fits my "internal image" of Frodo better than any actor I can think of.

But there's more to the role than looking the part, so I've been watching whatever Elijah Wood movies I can find--12 so far. A few of the *movies* are pretty bad, but his acting is always good--sometimes outstanding.

As far as his not reading the book, that worried me, too, until I saw his explanation. He said he'd just finished reading "The Hobbit" and was ready to start "LotR" when the part became available--kind of a strange coincidence, in a way. So, although he read it after he got the part, he didn't read it because he got the part; that is, he would have read it anyway. (Admittedly, this is *his* explanation. I can't vouch for his honesty.)

From comments he's made, he seems to have a good grasp of the character. I think Frodo's in good hands.