April 25, 2001

Liv Tyler's Ears
Lisa C.

Is Liv Tyler an idiot or what? The melting elf-ears on the car dash just cracked me right up. Well, gee, they're made of gelatin...let's put them up on something warm. Does this chick have any education? Its not rocket science that things made of "Gelatin" melt in warm conditions. Plus, I can't get over how she keeps reffering to her role as "fairy-princess" or "queen of the fairies"...did she even read any of the books? She's playing the role of an elf not a fairy! Even her descriptions of the movie and what it represents are totally off base. Although she definately has an exotic elven-look, and this is probably why she was picked for the role of Arwen, its too bad she doesn't have any brains! Actually, someone else mentioned Elijah Wood, and I just want to alleviate their fears about his acting skills, and say, Elijah Wood counts amongst the best young actors in Hollywood today. I find him to be very much like a modern day Jackie Cooper or young Jack Wild. I think he will be terrific in the role of Frodo. He can do almost any emotion and make you believe his sincerity. I think Eowyn is another perfect pick. She is a very complex individual and have no worries that this will be carried out to the fullest, a younger actress probably does not have the experience to develop the multi-faceted personality of this shield-maiden. As for looking youthful, women in their 30's can look very young indeed! I am 38, but I still have people guessing my age at 25! Just think what Hollywood is capable of with make-up and lighting, I do not think age will be a factor here.