April 25, 2001

Tyler in the Times -- Response to John R.
Big Mac

I just followed your link and read the article and I'd like to make a few points.

1. None of your points are presented as direct quotes from Ms. Tyler (execpt one of them, but I'll come to that later) -- they are all in the main text of the interview, implying they come more from the interviewer than from her.

2. The remark about the "modest role" illustrates the fact that there is no one main star in LotR -- whereas in her her new film, Ms. Tyler IS the main star.

3. Remember, in the book Arwen only makes a small appearence at the end -- something easily overlooked if you're not overly familiar with the material -- and who's to say the interviewer is?

4. The part about not "paying attention" was in reference to the hype that has been generated over these films and not that she wasn't paying attention whilst filming!

I think that if you read over the article again, you'll see where I'm coming from.

And, incidently, if you're worried about her ruining the film -- surely the fact that she apparently has a "modest role" will set you mind at ease?