April 25, 2001

Another Thought About Lurtz

So Lurtz (whatever it is) shows up at Parth Galen. Guess that makes it clear.
Imagine as follows: Boromir has just been overcome by the dark powers of the ring, trying to take it from Frodo, and then is struck by the realisation of what he just did. He stays behind, not ready to confront the rest of the party again.

Enter Lurtz, terrible super-orc commander of Saruman, who is feared all accross almost everywhere. Aragorn tries to strike it down -- and receives some buttock-prodding. Thus Boromir nobly sacrifices himself by facing Super-Lurtz and, with his last breath, destroying it.

That would be a far more honorous (and dramatic) Passing of Boromir -- at least in the movie. You know that kind of scene. Some Darth Vader-like turn from Dark to Light side. I donīt know, I think I would even like the scene...

But just one more thought: if Frodo (as reported) has the time to say goodbye to Aragorn at Parth Galen, he can hardly be panicking and on the flight from Boromir-gone-nuts. Doesnīt really fit. Still, if Lurtz is there, Iīm quite sure he will kill Boromir -- stands to reason, doesnīt it?

Any comments?