April 26, 2001

The Nazgul Retreat
Joseph S.

I would have to agree with Elinor on this one. The Nazgul (as you all know) are drawn to the Ring, because it rightfully belongs to their Master. Would they hunt the Ring down only to run when finding it? I think not. Their retreat can be explained (as Elinor mentioned) very easily.

First, Frodo did get the Witch King's foot, but I doubt that would scare them away. Second, they were not in full, there were only 5, not 9. This seems like a reasonable explanation, but there is still something missing. I'm sure you all remember Aragorn saying that the Riders feared those wielding fire. Let us not forget that it was Aragorn who leapt out with the brand, the same Aragorn that Sauron fears because he is the rightful King of Gondor. Maybe, for the time being, the Riders felt HIS presence and feared HIS wrath.