April 26, 2001

The Uninformed

People who are not especially informed should not be so eager accuse others of the same. Most casting gripes, I believe, are not based on whether or not someone likes the "particular look" of an actor, but on whether that "particular look" seems to be in agreement or in contrast with what Tolkien himself envisioned (and clearly described, in most cases). Miranda Otto in her early twenties? Hmmm. She was 17 when she stared in Emma's War in 1988, which would make her about 30 now. But of course, one would have to be "informed" to know that. Viggo might work as Aragorn, but certainly not in the way Tolkien himself described (read the book). He's too young and too pretty for that--but what the heck--a lot of people are uninformed there too.