April 27, 2001

One Tyler Interview & Everyone Is On the Walls

Just to make things clear, I took the liberty of checking the interview that has caused so much turmoil. Especially this quote:

"And suddenly I came home and everybody wants to know about it, and I realized how big it was going to be. But I wasn't really paying attention to that while I was there. I was just doing my job."

She did not pay attention to the worldwide excitement, she was just doing her job. Everything clear so far?

Furthermore, reading between the lines has also been applied to the article, and the truth is: this article is not about LotR! LotR is mentioned, but the main topic is McCool's. The interview was mainly about McCool's, and I guess that the journalist did not spend a lot of time talking about the Rings.

So, reading between the lines, I dare say that the journalist had just about no idea concerning LotR. As for Liv Tyler, who the heck knows?

The only thing we know about Tyler is that she's a good actor (she has proven that in the past -- just my opinion of course), and that she spent one and half a year in New Zealand. Chances are, she used part of the time to get in tune with the role of Arwen. Even if she didn't read the books, I guess she knew what she was doing. So please leave it until the movies come out.

And no, I'm not her PR manager, nor the leader of her fan-club, but I'm a journalist and I know how bad journalism looks.