April 27, 2001

Not Ashamed to Admit My Mistake
Jean Marie

Wow, I had no idea Miranda Otto was so old! So looks so young in What Lies Beneath that I just assumed she was. Sorry about that. Thank you for the correction, though it could've been done a little more nicely as I don't really mean to be starting fights.

As for Viggo being too young, this I know for a fact he is not. He's in his early to mid forties (he was born in '58 which makes him 43) and whether or not he fits Tolkien's description of the character is a matter, I believe, of individual imaginations. I HAVE read the book, thank you sir, and found Viggo to be a perfect match. I would certainly not call him "pretty" in the conventional sense, but once again this is a matter for interpretation. Is he as old as Aragorn should be? Well, not quite but he's certainly closer than Stuart Townsend ever was!

I meant no controversy or offense in my original post, I was just expressing my opinion.