April 30, 2001

It's Only a Movie

Since the hype about the movie started, I've always kept an eye on these messages boards. I remember the fury when it was announced Tom Bombadil wouldn't be included in Fellowship. Sacrilege! I remember the debates over whether Sir Ian was better or a poor excuse for Sean Connery in the role of Gandalf. I remember thinking "Oh my goodness... LIV TYLER!!??" What has the world come to?

And then I realized.. it's only a MOVIE. And chances are, it won't live up to your expectations. Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I was raised in a pro-Tolkien home. Both my brother and myself have Tolkien names (mine is Lorien and his mid-name is Beren). I've been reading the books AT LEAST twice a year since I was 9 (I'm 21 now). So I can fairly say I do have the Tolkien-experience so to speak and I'm not belittling anybody's opinions because all of your fears are completely valid (especially the Liv Tyler thing.. what an idiot). But no amount of worry and debate is going to uncast any of the roles, or redesign Isengard.

So, if I may make a slight suggestion: Curl up with a good book (or three..), imagine Eowyn and Arwen as old or young as you like, envision Mr. Connery in his hood with staff in hand, and then in December.. go with no expectations to the biggest movie yet to come. Maybe the ignorant will somehow become interested and decide to *read* the books. Maybe the movies will turn out to be GOOD! Because regardless of what *you* think Merry and Pippin should look like in the movie, they will always be perfect in your own imagination. And that's better than any movie.