May 04, 2001

In Response to Chris' Venting

I've just read the article you talked about, and I am quite in tune with your opinion, plus adding something.

How can someone call himself a reporter and at the same time publish a text where he essentially says: "I've heard that stuff about a big movie project, but anyway, I donīt give a *censored* about it and certainly donīt take it seriously enough to even pretend to having done some decent research. Oh yeah, and if you are actually interested in this article, you are probably an idiot."

Even as a tabloid-publisher I would dump him the moment he gives me that crap! I don't know 'bout, but this is just bound to piss some people off.

Apart from that, I have not encountered that many people who thought I am a geek, just because Iīm into fantasy of any kind. Sure, in high-school there were some guys, but letīs face it, they were the types who thought of discussions in terms of "louder is better". Let them think we are geeks, at least one of them is a really bad journalist ;-)