May 04, 2001

Some Things to Say

I have a couple of things to say:

First, in response to Lorien. This is not just a movie, its a phenomena. Its arguably one of the GREATEST books of all time, and i think people have a right to voice their complaints, especially if the director isn't being true to the book.

Secondly, I have mixed feelings about Liv Tyler as Arwen. I think that she will do well as Arwen, but i always pictured Awren as looking different, a blonde maybe?

Thirdly, Why wasn't Christopher Tolkien asked to be a consultant to the movie? I think he would be a huge help to Jackson.

Finally, I am very upset that Tom Bombadil wiil not be in the movies. I think that if it was in the book, then it should be in the movie. Peter Jackson doesn't have any right to screw around with J.R.R Tolkiens work. I also want to say that I am exstatic that they are making a movie. I was very dissapointed with the Animated movie.