May 07, 2001

Bear With Me For a Moment

(In risk of sounding defensive, I just wanted to say a few things on behalf of myself, so anyone who's offended, bear with me for a minute)

First of all Strider, if I didn't think LOTR was one of the greatest books of all time I doubt I would have read it at least thirty times already, especially having been named after The Golden Wood (or Lorien the Vala "aka Irmo" master of visions and dreams, whichever you choose).

When you try to make a movie based on a book, there are ultimately certain things that need to be cut out. As much as I love Tom (and that is one of the greatest chapters), his role in the movie is not essential to the rest of the films. Of course, any Tolkien reader is a little upset, but most of these things are decided based on running times. Tom is dispensable because he has no role other than those 2 chapters, and a small mention at the Council. In regards to keeping strictly to the book, would the Tolkien purists really want lines like "Lo and behold the riders of Rohan are approaching!" It's one thing to read it, and another to hear it said onscreen. Certain things have to be adapted. You can't have dialogue like that in a movie (unless it's Shakespeare).

I completely understand the need to complain about your qualms about the changes! Who *didn't* sign the petition to bring Tom back into the movie? It's everyone's opinion and who am I, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you that you're opinion is wrong. It's just funny to me when Tolkien purists write in to blast those of us who just want to enjoy the movie. Especially when they say PJ should stick strictly to the book, then state they always pictured Arwen as a blonde, when in the book mind you, it specifically states that she has dark hair. And as a side note, from what I've read Christopher Tolkien was asked to be a consultant on the films and refused.

For the rest of you, thanks for bearing with me.