May 07, 2001

Re: Different Visions
Rhys M.B.

In response to Trudy S.'s topic "Different Visions", I just want to point out one thing... you are talking visual (and to some extent staging) visions. I, at least, do not refute that all ANY filmmaker can do in bringing any adapted material to the screen is their own visualization of the source material... and from what I have seen of pictures, etc. of LotR, I think his visual interpretation will be incredible. HOWEVER, areas like the look and feel of a film are subjective and can only ever be viewed as an "interpretaion" of the source material. "Different Visions" in subjective areas are excusable, what is unexcusable is differences in OBJECTIVE areas, like the story and the specified events, etc. of that story. What I am afraid of with LotR is NOT PJ's interpretation of the SUBJECTIVE aspects of the source material but with his changing OBJECTIVE aspects. Anyone else out there have any thoughts on this?