May 17, 2001

Don't Despair
The Bishop

Firstly, I’d just like to say a big thanks to the people behind this site – I’ve been getting my weekly fix of LOTR movie news for some time now (two years maybe?) and it’s always been top notch stuff, so thanks a lot.

Flattery aside, here’s my two-cents about the upcoming films. I was introduced to LOTR about four years ago by a flatmate, who practically forced the BBC Radio dramatisation on me. After my initial protests about the ‘geek factor’, I listened to the first couple of episodes, at first with contempt, then mild amusement, and a few weeks later (after about the twentieth time of listening to these two episodes – which took me up to the gates of Moria), I had to buy the first volume; FOTR. As good as the BBC dramatisation was (and is), the book was magnificent; compelling, moving, gripping, and over far too quickly!

My point, and apologies for taking the scenic route, is directed to those who are furious that the films will not be faithful to the books: Many people have and will be introduced to the Tolkien’s work via different media. I would never have read the books if I hadn’t been listened to the BBC tapes, and I’m sure many more fans (though admittedly not all) have been introduced to Tolkien in such an indirect way.

Sure, the upcoming films appear to stray from the original story, but is that really important? The BBC dramatisation hacked chunks out of the book, and took quite a few liberties, but it added to the sense drama and excitement, and was an all round success.

We’re getting the movies whether we like them or not , personally I think they’re gonna rock, so maybe we should forgive their shortcomings and celebrate their good points.