May 20, 2001

Richard P.

Whilst reading all the reviews and newspaper hype about the Lord of The Rings movie which has suddenly blown up again around the Cannes festival, especially the 20 minute preview, there are things that reassure me and things that give me cause for concern. Firstly is the fact that many of the newspaper articles seem to have been given completely the wrong information, take for instance the New York Times report on this site. Either this is a reflection of the publicity surrounding the film, or it is just the press being the press. Secondly, the reviews about the 20 minute preview. It seems to me that perhaps the proverbial wool is being pulled over the eyes here, a 20 minute preview is shown, which sends even the biggest critics wild, but it show none of the real plot, it is all just action, as far as I have heard. Could it be that the biggest script changes are being held back, in order to prevent negative press??? And lastly, most of the reports I have heard in popular press and radio hardly ever mention Tolkien's name, why is this, he WROTE the book!!!???!!!