May 24, 2001

Movie Casting: Get Over It
Lauren S.

Don’t you think that we’re all being a bit nitpicky about this?! The movie casting, that is. I have to constantly keep reminding myself that they are trying to bring over a million fans’ visions––which are all undoubtedly different––to life, and a few liberties have to be taken. Peter Jackson has mentioned before that what audiences are getting is his vision of Middle-earth and its inhabitants, and if he saw Elijah Wood as being Frodo (which is probably the reason for all his lengthy explanations and gushing about Elijah being so perfect and just becoming the character, blah blah blah), so be it. This is his Middle-earth; let him do what he wants. He is just as big a fan as any one of us, and, personally, I’m rooting for him for undertaking such a landmark project. I’m sure the casting was one of the most difficult parts of getting the movie done, and I’m confident they did the best job they could at finding the perfect actors.

So, in other words, GET OVER IT ALREADY! The people have been cast––heck, the films are basically finished––and it’s too late to change them. Even if the actors don’t exactly match what we all had in mind right now, we may have different opinions about their castings once December 19 rolls around. We have seven months until “The Fellowship of the Ring”––perhaps we can finally let this issue go? Remember, we can keep our own personal views of Frodo, or Pippin, or Gandalf, or Aragorn, alive in our imaginations. No one can take those away from us––not even a $370 million film trilogy.