May 30, 2001

Casting of Arwen
Tomas B.

Why choose Liv Tyler as Arwen. I know this is an old debate and the only issue I have with the movies. I can't for the life of me understand why they use someone so young to portray someone like her. Arwen isn't supposed to look young, as in looking like a teenager, she's supposed to look as if you can't really determine her age. With that I mean that she shouldn't look old but you would know that there is a great wisdom in her that has come from many years of living in harmony with the world and knowing the mysteries in life. There are many that would have been perfect for the role, for example they could have used someone like Sela Ward where you can't tell if she's 28 or 45 years old. The only reason for choosing Liv must have been to attract a certain age group to go and see the movies. I would like to hear any comments about these thoughts, even though it is an ancient topic by now.