June 7, 2001

Response to Arwen

I completely and utterly agree with the portrayal of Arwen. I find Liv Tyler a very very poor choice. I also feel that, according to the countless interviews, she is only one without a true appreciation for the story. She seems as though she is plowing through another movie. What a sad waste! There are numerous actresses who would have killed for such a part, and been adamant that her part was not changed. Also, I had never thought about it this way, but she does overshadow the heroism of Eowyn... who was my favorite character the first time I read the book.

I have thought about the whole concept of ruining Middle Earth in movie form. I understand the loss of Bombadil as significant and even more so of Goldberry. But in the end, only one thing truly bothers me: the increased role of Arwen. Arwen was a delicate flower as I saw it from the book, not a warrior. However, I did idolize Glorfindal. Here was this mysterious, powerful elf who was a prince among elves, but little else is known. This was the wonder of Tolkien. He was able to conjure wonder for a character merely by mystery. Now that Arwen has taken his role, something is definately lost in the terms of the mystery of elves.
If I could say 'Shame on Peter Jackson' which I would actually never do, because I admire what he has done otherwise, I would say, 'Why did you put Liv Tyler in the movie at all?'

In the end, however, I concede to the fact that the movies look absolutely incredible, and if they live up the hype that the actors have been speaking of, Im sure I will be able to forgive the loss of Glorfindal, hopefully.