June 11, 2001

PG vs. R vs. Disney
Cicily T.

Hmmm... someone mentioned that they feel as though the Lord Of The Rings may be a touch too "Disneyesque". Need I remind everyone about Disney's "13th Warrior". Quite dark and gritty, with lots of heads being lopped off. Thi movie was a masterpiece! The battle scenes were very well done, showing much of what you'd expect battle scenes to contain, blood, gore, and the like. And...this movie was produced by Disney. Too many people think of Disney as "Lion-King" country, but Disney has a dark side as well. I was glad that someone else made reference to Sleepy-Hollow. This movie was also very well done, as far as gore and the macabre. Its too bad Tim Burton wasn't directing LOTR, I would have liked to have seen what his version would contain. Also, can we stand one more comment about casting? I hate to dredge up the Liv Tyler fiasco again, but awhile back (on another posting) someone made a comment about Tyler probably not 'caring' about the movie as much. From what I have seen regarding her few TV promotional appearances for LOTR and her article interviews in newspapers and magazines, I am in complete agreement that this "ingenue" has never read LOTR and has no interest in the production of the movie, other than for her own starring role. Apparently, she doesn't even comprehend the difference between Tolkien's elves and mythical faeries, calling herself a "faerie-princess" while discussing her role in the film. It's too bad that she was chosen as Arwen, I would have liked to have seen someone a tad older with a look of regality and nobility in this role. Perhaps Diane Venora (13th Warrior), would have been a better choice.