June 11, 2001

In Reply to Demosthenes
Julianna B.

I agree with you and everyone else here who has commented about how Arwen's role will most likely water down Eowyn's role of warrior maiden. But I am unsure how one could view Arwen as being a "delicate flower". She is definitely not the sword swinging, dress-in-drag type of girl, but nor is she delicate or weak. In my own personal view, she is strong and heroic in her own way. Arwen is what Aragorn, as well as others in the books (though it may not be specifically mentioned), looks toward for hope. She has never once allowed Aragorn belive that there was no way to triumph. Though it was against her father's will, she not only married Aragorn, but stayed with him to help rebuild Gondor, after a devastating war, to what it once was. Not only that, but she decided to die so she could be with him forever. Now, how many people could seriously give up immortality?

But for all that I am still very much looking forward to the movies. I only hope that after 'The Fellowship of the Ring' the storyline straightens out a bit. To portray Arwen as something she is so obviously NOT, is an almost unforgivable tragedy.